Xiaohu Cao

"In the arena of the civilian. No one important is one." - Alice Notley


Race: Hyur Midlander
Apparent Age: Young Adult
Gender Cis Woman (She/Her)
Height: 5'2
Profession: Freelancer

Alignment: True Neutral (50/35)
Faith: Ancestral/Spirit Worship
Interests: Mixology, fine arts, stories and life narratives, makeup and fashions

Xiaohu possesses an intensely feminine presentation. Her maquillage is a constant. A collection of jewels and stone decorate both body and attire. Her uncalloused skin and thick, loose, curls of hair show a painstaking regime. And rarely is she seen without a flower corsage tucked into the latter.An irreverent sort of expression tends to hang off her brow down to her lips, and glints in her eyes. Contributing to a manicured and feline demeanor that rings warm and inviting in the way of a familiar, spunky, friend - an odd contrast with the cruel depiction of a red dragon going down the left side of her face.With her choices of clothing, her tattoo bodysuit is often boldly displayed. The black ink swirling from her elbows and knees inward falls over her like a coat. It even completes with a black, rounded, 'zipper' that brackets the base of her neck and borders the bare center strip that cleanly goes down her sternum and belly.The visible imagery of such appears to be Hingan courtesans, ocean waves, and cherry blossoms. Sometimes, her wear allows the viewer to see a prowling tiger taking up her back.Overall, her appearance falls towards conventional standards of what is regarded as 'attractive', though she possesses more rounded elements and a more muted palette to her compared to other Far Easterners.In more imperceptible senses, her aether is a buoyant thing; hot-tempered as it is in its slight astral-lean. It certainly exists, flows, with its surrounding environment, but never is the woman seen nor sensed extending her will into the world.


For Hire

Xiaohu is part of the altruistic free company, Savage, Crag, and Pike, and up for hire in Ul'dah and Ishgard. She has a stated preference for matters of information: securing documents, missing persons, objects... but has been known to apply her talents liberally as discussed - taking part in a client's field operations or delves, or consultations on matters of business and economics. She especially advertises an unobtrusive, elegant, touch in her work. Often labeling her approach and results as much more subtle than seemingly 'anyone else on the market.'If you seek an intelligent methodology in your affairs, she is your agent.
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Law of One

A friend, or a soul friendly enough, is found wherever she may walk. And many of these individuals can boast connection, talent, or both. It is not far from the question for an observant acquaintance to wonder where to find one service or another, and the limit one's choice of barter will go. Neither is it distant from reality for one to find themselves swept up into this web by some aspect of the curated woman over time. Whether she likes you and your motivations enough to steer you right is a separate query altogether.Networker, Maven... Persuader. What a social do-it-all.


Ishgard has been subject to an influx of outsider influence in recent time. And Xiaohu, titled through marriage, is no less a part of it - perhaps a galling, or curious, aspect of its entry into the Eorzean Alliance, at that. Outwardly present in the City-State for contract work, more makes itself apparent when one's ear is put to gossip. Purportedly, she walks as though she, herself, were the Vicomtesse de Voutellievre; Supposedly, her shadowy hand played in last turn's news of House Burlemont's collapse on proof of white-collared criminalities; And further rumored as to have a watchful eye on many others that walk through the Pillars.Maybe you wonder of this outlander's intent in Ishgard, or what her capacities are in the ever-shifting board of its political atmosphere.

Scholarly Soul

The young woman is known as something of an erudite: analytic and a polyglot, "too clever by half", an array of formal arts educations under her belt, and an appetite for progress and refinement with it all. She may be seen in the public eye perusing texts of Far Eastern or Coerthan classical literature and folktales, or shopping for supplies of inks or reagents. Xiaohu is also something of an 'assertive' spirit and often doesn't resist weighing into the conversations of utter strangers to debate a statement that fits ill in her ears.You will find her more than willing to discuss higher subjects, or even share a story from her collections.

Misty Past

No one exists without leaving a mark upon the world where they tread. Even this woman in all of her subtlety is not beyond such things. Uncouth implications reek from her: the 'shame' of unhidden irezumi on her body; history spent close to the 'underground' of Eorzean ports; half-truths, dead-ends, and deflections, to information shared; a gregariousness too charming, too smooth. Xiaohu is an entertaining young woman, but not a woman that one speaks to without triggering a weight in your gut feeling.Ilk calls to ilk, or curiousity to the cat.


On PST and most accessible OOC via Discord than in-game. I highly prefer in-game or tabletop sites to advantage the scene's energy in the moment, but am up for any medium.I am a Queer WOC with a preference towards addressing hard-to-swallow, and human, subjects. Xiaohu's presentation and manner are reflective of these social commentaries. As well, I lean towards the cerebral the more involved a scene or plot is. For the sake of these mature themes, I ask that my RP partners are no younger than 22.The majority of my roleplaying experience is ten years of heavy military themes on World of Warcraft & homebrewed tabletop systems. That all being said, I'm more than willing to take part in lighter and varied forms of roleplay in public & group settings. Snappy, dry, humour is one of my happy places.I expect fellow writers to understand that Xiaohu will respond bluntly and negatively if prompted, and that these consequences are not necessarily resolvable or something I will force of my character.I respect good writing, not elitism or gatekeeping.Handle: Cao Xiaohu, Balmung
Discord: xerevies#4643